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At Round Meadow, staff, pupils, and parents share responsibility to develop academically successful, well-rounded children who are outstanding citizens.

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Parent Education Night:
RM's Technology Plan

Thursday, September 18
6:30 p.m. in the MPR

Learn more about the exciting plan in place to engage our students in their own learning while preparing them for school and life beyond school as ethical and responsible digital citizens.  While the evening is mostly geared to third and fifth grade families, all are welcome to attend.

Please click here for more documents regarding our plan as well as the flyer with the information on how to purchase a laptop for your student.

Do you need a reminder about our drop-off and pick-up procedure?  Just watch the quick video below.





Welcome to Round Meadow Elementary School where the staff, students, and parents share responsibility to develop academically successful, well-rounded children who are outstanding citizens. Our commitment at Round Meadow is to provide an enriching and nuturing environment where all students can reach and even exceed their potential. We hope you will find our website a continually growing collaboration between our staff, students. and parents.

Principal's Message

September 15, 2014

Dear Round Meadow Elementary Families,

Thank you to everyone who attended our Family Movie Night on Friday and those that worked so hard to make it a great success!  The year is off to a wonderful start and all of our students are poised for an year filled with great experiences and learning.  Of course, no learning can occur without strong school-wide and classroom behavior management which is why we use the CHAMPS positive behavior approach.  In general, the CHAMPS philosophy advocates explicitly teaching students what is expected of them and reinforcing desired behaviors with positive interactions.  CHAMPS is acronym that helps educators and students structure the various levels of expectation.  Each letter in CHAMPS correlates to a key component of classroom management as follows:

C – conversation (Can students speak and if so how loud and to whom?)

H – help (How does a student indicate that they need assistance?  Should they raise their hand, ask a friend, get up and ask the teacher, etc.?)

A – activity (What is the activity that students are participating in?  Are they taking a test, reading quietly, working in cooperative groups, etc.?)

M – movement (Are students allowed to get up and move about the room to sharpen a pencil, get a drink of water, etc.?)

P – participation (What can the students do to show the teacher that they are engaged in the activity?  Are they sitting quietly, moving about the room, reading a book, etc.?)

S – success (What is the desired end result of the activity?)

When students meet our expectations, we let them know through our positive interactions with them.  If they are not meeting our expectations, we correct them in a fleunt, non-disruptive, and respectful manner.  One of our efforts aimed at helping students to succeed is our Steps of Success (S.O.S.) room that is open at lunch every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.   When a student does not complete their homework or classwork in a timely manner, their classroom teacher has the option to assign them to the S.O.S. room after eating lunch so that they can complete their work.  The S.O.S. room is supervised by an Instructional Assistant who can provide basic academic assistance as needed.  Students may also be assigned to the S.O.S. room for minor infractions of school rules.  Serious infractions such as defiance of authority or physical aggression are still handled directly by the classroom teacher or principal.  The S.O.S. room is an extension of our CHAMPS program and is designed to hold students accountable for their actions while giving them the skills they need to succeed and avoid future incidents of non-completion of work or minor rule infractions.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to educate your child academically, socially, and emotionally.  Have a great week!


Mr. Jeremy Resnick


Round Meadow Elementary, Principal

Student Awards

Student Recognition Awards take place immediately after the Friday assembly according to the following schedule: 

1st grade: October 4, December 5, February 5, April 24

2nd grade: October 10, December 12, February 20, May 1

3rd grade: October 17, December 19, February 27, May 8

4th grade: October 31, January 9, March 13, May 15

5th grade: November 7, January 16, April 17, May 29 (@ 11:15)

School Tours


All school tours begin at 9 a.m. on the dates listed below.  For privacy reasons, children are not permitted on school tours (infants are OK).  To attend a school tour, please call the school at 818-883-6750.

October 17

November 14

December 12

January 9

January 30

February 20

March 13

April 17

May 8




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